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Asbjørn Dyrendal

Asbjørn Dyrendal is a professor in the history of religion at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His research is about contemporary religion, its different expressions and conditions, with a sideways glance at questions of relevant theory or method. The religious expressions cover the spectrum from “fundamentalism” and “New Age,” to Satanism and conspiracy culture. The past few years, whenever administrative duties have allowed, he has concentrated mainly on Satanism, apocalypse-, and conspiracy culture. Currently, the latter is almost the sole focus, taking a more psychological (cognitive) turn.

His most recent publication in the field is:
“New Age and Norwegian ‘Conspirituality,’” New Age in Norway, edited by Siv-Ellen Kraft, Ingvild Gilhus, and James R. Lewis, Equinox, 2017, pp. 159–81.

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