Publications and reports by the Action members will be provided in the near future. Listed below are the different kinds of output the Action will deliver.

New publications

The Action aims to develop research on conspiracy theories in Europe. It motivates members in the workshops to develop new, ground-breaking ideas in the field; bridge methodological, theoretical and national boundaries; form coalitions to write  papers for international academic journals; and set up new research projects.


The Action will produce a definitive handbook on conspiracy theories that will provide a comprehensive summary of the state of the art in the field. Basic-blocks of this edited volume are reports written by Action members about the relevant literature in their discipline or area of research.


The Action produces a bibliography of all the academic literature on conspiracy theory produced in different times, countries and disciplines.

Stakeholder output

The Action has the explicit goal to disseminate academic knowledge to the general public and develop recommendations for journalists, policy makers, NGOs, and teachers to deal with conspiracy theories in different contexts. We organize a stakeholder workshop, a stakeholder training school and will draft, discuss and make available on the website our stakeholder output, i.e., the teaching resources pack, sample syllabuses, the database of experts, and recommendations for policy makers and journalists.

Bibliography of Conspiracy Theory Studies

The action has produced a Bibliography of Conspiracy Theory Studies. The document is available here: Bibliography of Conspiracy Theory Studies.

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