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Estrella Gualda

Estrella Gualda is a professor of Sociology at the Universidad de Huelva, Spain, where she is the director of the Social Studies and Social Intervention Research Centre. Throughout her career, Professor Gualda has published several books, book chapters, and scientific articles in the fields of sociology, social exclusion, migrations and minorities, cross-border issues, social networks, social capital, and social media. She is currently working on the study of the Refugee Crisis on Twitter: Online and Offline Dynamics through the analysis of micro discourses comprised in some million tweets published in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. This research, which tries to connect conspiracy theories, social media, and social big data, is also devoted to the identification of relevant actors over a long period of time in order to study their influence in building online discourses, and study the articulation of actors and discourses through social network analysis.

Some of her recent publications include:
“Polarización de los discursos sobre los refugiados en Twitter: nuevos desafíos para la integración” (2017)
“Refugee Crisis in Twitter: Diversity of Discourses at a European Crossroads” (2016, Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamics, co-authored with Rebollo)
“Spanish General Elections, Microdiscourses Around #20D and Social Mobilisation on Twitter: Reality or Appearance?” (2016, Media and Metamedia Management, Springer)

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