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Eva Horn

Eva Horn is a Professor of Modern German Literature and Cultural Studies at the Department of German, University of Vienna, Austria. One of her major fields of research is the notion of political secrecy and the modes of its representation in fiction. She has published about the theory and practice of state secrecy in the form of espionage, surveillance, covert actions, etc. She has also covered conspiracy theories, promoted both by state administrations and by the public at large, e.g. during the McCarthy era, but also in conspiracy theories about an ‘inside job’ at the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the terror attacks of 9/11. Most of this research has become part of her book The Secret War.

Furthermore, she has investigated in the sources, textual structure, and medial dissemination of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and of the phantasy of ‘Dark Powers’ haunting the political imaginary in the modern age. A number of her publications revolve around fictional and historical accounts of secrecy, surveillance, and conspiracy, taking into account their medial dimension as well as their historical contexts.

Further information on Dr. Eva Horn is available here.

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