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Filippos Tymvios

Filippos Tymvios graduated from the Physics Department of the National And Kapodistrian University of Athens in 1994. He received his M.Sc. in Environmental Physics in 1998 and his Ph.D. in Solar Radiation Modeling in 2007 from the same university. He also holds an M.Sc. in Public Sector Management from CIIM (2012).

He is a certified weather forecaster from the Royal Meteorological College in Exeter, UK (Initial Forecasting Course 2000, Advanced Forecasting Course, 2007) and he worked as an operational weather forecaster in the Cyprus Department of Meteorology for ten years. He then worked for two years as a procurement officer, for two years in climatology section, and he is currently the Head of the IT section (three years). His tasks include the operational NWP modeling, climate change modeling, and coordination of the research component of the Department. He has participated in twelve funded research programs (FP5, FP6 & nationally funded projects). Lately, he is actively involved in the front line of defending science from conspiracy theorists in Cyprus.

He has published fourty four scientific articles in peer review journals and has participated with sixty oral and/or poster presentations in international conferences concerning Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences. He has also contributed in seven published books. His scientific interests include neural network modeling, climate and climate change, solar radiation modeling, numerical weather prediction, and satellite interpretation.

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