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Henry M. Taylor

Henry M. Taylor is Privatdozent (P.D., Private Lecturer) in Film and Media Studies at the University of Konstanz and has recently published his second book, Conspiracy! Theorie und Geschichte des Paranoiafilms (Schüren, 2018) on conspiracy and paranoia in film and television. He previously obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Film and History at the University of Kent at Canterbury (B.A. Hon.), and his Master’s degree in Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling (M.Phil.), where he won the Trotman Prize for best annual performance, and obtained his PhD in Film Studies (magna cum laude) at the University of Zurich (Dr.phil.). He was research associate and lecturer in Film, Popular Culture, and Psychology at the University of Zurich, and has also taught film and sociology classes at the Universities of Konstanz, Lucerne, and at Zurich University of the Arts. As script consultant, he also teaches screenwriting and is a freelance translator of academic and specialist literature (German-English). Aside from numerous essays and articles on a variety of subjects, his book publications also include a narratological study of biographical films (Rolle des Lebens: die Filmbiographie als narratives System, Schüren, 2002). His main research interests apart from conspiracy culture centre on narratology, screenplay theory, genre theory, film, and media history, fiction and nonfiction theory, and contemporary cinema, with a focus on American and English-language filmmaking. His current base is Zurich.

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