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Isabel Marcos

Isabel Marcos is a Senior Research fellow of CICS.NOVA – Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences, FCSH at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She received a Ph.D. in Semiotics (1996) from the University of Aarhus (Denmark) and a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences (2000) from the New University of Lisbon (Portugal).

Her major publications are:
Espace, sémiotique et cognition (2014)
La Sémiotique de l’espace-temps face à l’accélération de l’histoire (2013)
Dynamiques de la ville: Essais de Sémiotique de l’espace (2007)
In addition, she is the author of many articles, book chapters, papers to conferences, and a guest-editor of international journals such as Degrés (Visual Semiotics) and ELSA (Spatial Semiotics). Furthermore, she is vice-president of the International Association for Visual Semiotics IAVS and a Member of the Executive Committee of the World Association of Semiotics (IASS) – National Representative of Portugal.

Some of her research interests are: border passions, dynamic semiotics of urban systems, visual semiotics as a strategy for decision processes, semiotics applied to technological innovations, interdisciplinary research, transoceanic urbanity, and communicational urbanity.

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