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Ivelina Ivanova

Ivelina Ivanova is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Studies in Societies and Knowledge, Bulgarian Academy of Science. She has published two books and a number of papers on theory of history, philosophy of history, conceptual history, the legitimiation of historical knowledge, and its social and political uses. Ivelina Ivanova has been a visiting researcher at the Center for Research on Values and Philosophy at the Catholic University of America. Her current research deals with the impact of historical narratives on community building and involves a comparative analysis between the poetics of historical narratives of conspiracies and the conspiracy narratives about history. Ivelina Ivanova is the author of History and Interpretation (Izvor: Sofia, 2010, in Bulgarian), and “History Online: The Lost Illusion of Control over Historical Narratives” (Seminar BG 2011: 6, in Bulgarian).

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