Simona Stano

Simona Stano

Simona Stano is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Turin and Senior Researcher at the International Semiotics Institute. She holds a Ph.D. in Sciences of Language and Communication from the University of Turin (UNITO, Italy) and a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences from the University of Lugano (USI, Switzerland).

Dr. Stano deals mainly with semiotics of culture, food semiotics, health communication, visual, urban, and communication studies, and has published several articles, chapters of books and edited volumes (including special issues of top semiotic journals such as Semiotica and Lexia) on these topics. Her recently-published monograph is entitled Eating the Other: Translations of the Culinary Code (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015). She has presented several papers at national and international conferences and organized or co-directed various scientific events and research projects.

In 2014, Dr. Stano was awarded the title of “Expert in Philosophy and Theory of Languages” from the University of Turin. In recent years, she has collaborated as an assistant professor, lecturer, examiner, and supervisor of undergraduate and graduate students with several universities in Italy and abroad. Moreover, she has delivered semiotic and cultural analysis for international agencies and private organizations.

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