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Victor A. Shnirelman, doctor in history, is a senior researcher at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. His scholarly field is cultural anthropology. His research interests include nationalism, racism, ethnic conflicts, neo-paganism, cultural memory, politics of the past in the Soviet and post-Soviet world, eschatology, and theories of conspiracy. He has authored more than 470 scholarly publications, including more than thirty books.

His most recent books (in Russian) are:
“Porog tolerantnosti:” ideologiia i praktika novogo rasizma (“Threshold of Tolerance:” Ideology and Practice of New Racism). (2 vols, Moscow: NLO, 2011)
Khazarskii mif: ideologiia politicheskogo radikalizma v Rossii i ee istoki (The Myth of the Khazars: Ideology of Political Radicalism in Russia and its Roots (Moscow: Bridges of Culture – Gesharim, 2012)
Russkoe rodnoverie: neoiazychestvo i natsionalizm v sovremennoi Rossii (Russian Rodnoverie: Neo-Paganism and Nationalism in Contemporary Russia) (Moscow: Biblical-Theological Institute, 2012)
Ariisky mif v sovremennom mire (The Aryan Myth in the Contemporary World) (2 vols, Moscow: NLO, 2015)
Koleno Danovo: eskhatologia i anti-Semitism v sovremennoi Rossii (The Tribe of Dan: Eschatology and Anti-Semitism in Contemporary Russia) (Moscow: Biblical-Theological Institute, 2017)
Tri mifa o zagovore: antisemitskaia propaganda v sovremennoi Rossii (Three Myths about a Plot: Anti-Semitic Propaganda in Contemporary Russia). (Moscow:  Academia, 2017).

His most recent publications (in English) include:
“The End of the World and the Jews in the Russian Orthodox View.” A Universal Imagination of the End of the World?, edited by Frédéric Le Blay. From Imagination to Contemporary Issues, vol. 1, Cambridge Scholars, 2018, pp. 68–84.
The Myth of the Khazars: Intellectual Antisemitism in Russia, 1970s–1990s (Jerusalem: 2002)
The Value of the Past: Myths, Identity and Politics in Transcaucasia (Osaka: 2001)
Who Gets the Past? Competition for Ancestors among Non-Russian Intellectuals in Russia (Washington, Baltimore, London, 1996)
Russian Neo-Pagan Myths and Antisemitism (Analysis of Current Trends in Antisemitism (ACTA), no. 13, 1998)



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